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October 29,2002
Jailed To The Max
In Downtown High Rise
By Edward Davidian, Staff Writer

   Inside Fresno County Jail FRESNO -- Fresno County Sheriff, Richard Pierce, says that the current practice of releasing 150 to 200 prisoners each week due to overcrowding is over, "Now I'm releasing mainly felons, before it was misdemeanors. They still needed to be in jail, but now they're mostly felons, and that day's coming to an end now." Pierce said.
     A new jail at the corner of M Street and Merced would help. But, that will mean even more inmate bunks. In fact, Pierce said there would be room for about 3,300.
   The County is planning for about 3000 prisoners including juveniles for the County jails in five years or so.
     Sheriff Pierce told reporters "You can have all the crime control programs you want, you can add police officers, deputy sheriffs to the streets, you can enforce the law, but if you don't have a place to hold them while they go through a system, it's broken down immediately and we're just booking in and releasing, booking in and releasing."

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