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The Fresno Republican
0830 PST
July 18, 1998

Selected Fresno E-Mail

FRESNO DESK - The Fresno Republican newspaper editors welcome comments and e-mail from the readers of the Republican. If you would like to have your name included in future publications, include permission in your Fresno E-Mail.

The Editors have received tens of thousands of e-mail responses to the Daily Republican news, feature stories, and opinion published in the past weeks. A small representative sample of Fresno Republican e-mail follows. Note that text spellings and formatting are published here as received and edited only for length:

  • Editor: Re Starr Report in Fresno Republican. I am stunned by the absence of media criticism of the Starr report and it's easy distribution by our "represntatives." Equally astonishing is the acceptance of the rationlizations for incluing the lurid and private details. Starr is a vengeful man. Wake up America. This is doing enormous damage to our political system and institutions. There is, after all, real work to be done. - David M. Wright




  • Edior: Re Armenian story. April 24th is a day that sends chills through the body of many Armenians. On April 24 1915, the Young Turk government of the Ottoman Empire began systematic premeditated genocide of the Armenian people, an unarmed Christian minority living under Turkish rule. More than a million Armenians were exterminated through direct killing, starvation, torture, and forced death marches. Another million fled into permanent exile.An ancient civilization was expunged from its homeland of 2,500 years. Yet today, 83 years later, the Turkish government continues to deny this genocide. Books about the genocide are banned in Turkey and its government has began funding chairs in Turkish studies at American universities to ensure a certain version of history is given. -Pete Balakian

  • Editor: Re City Council Resolution. I would like to extend my gratitude to you for providing the people of Fresno an alternative source for news. I enjoy your complete, "un-biased", coverage. Really, your coverage reports the facts without the filter of the editors of the Fresno Bee. I would be honored to present to you the first Cyber Resolution in the history of Fresno, thanking you for providing your service on the Internet. -Ken Steitz, City Council Member


  • Editor: Te Trent Lott stories.What is wrong with this guy. Is he representing us when he comes down on the highly respected Ken Starr for doing his job? Isn't it enough we have to fight off the attacks from the Democrats, but the head of our own party can't see that the investigation isn't about Monica, but about a corrupt president who corrupt's every one around him?

    How about commenting on Monica's lawyer working with Clinton lawyers on her case? That would be much more productive to point out to the American people. The president has it made with Trent Lott on our side. I know he is blown away by the presidents over whelming presence, but grow up Lott....he's the most corrupt person to ever have been in the White House...- Natalie Tuck


  • Editor: Re Sports Stadium cost stories. I concede the substantial intangible benefits a city can reap from a successful sports franchise. But, I also am not stupid. I know cities that spend millions to attract these franchises come out barely even.

    Mostly, they wind up deep in the hole. Take, for example, the finances of stadium projects in such cities as Indianapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, Toronto, and Montreal. Indianapolis, for instance, tried to revitalize its sleepy image and its deteriorating downtown through a strategy of attracting both professional and amateur athletic activity. Great idea, you say? No.

    In the end, that 'great idea' merely demonstrated more fuzzy-thinking at City Hall. When will elected officials pay attention. The sports economy is too small a part of any city's overall economy to generate any real impact growth, jobs, and income. After the owners take theirs, there are no profits left over to spill into other businesses in the community.

    Team owners blackmail cities into huge welfare-subsidies that are just little siphons to transfer wealth from the lower and middle classes to wealthy team owners. So Fresno should get the government out of sports, and let the free market rule.

    At the very least, Fresno taxpayers have to start behaving differently. We have to start demanding at City Council meetings to know who pays and who profits.

    When this starts happening, it will be obvious just how little the intangible benefits of sports are worth to the tax-payers of Fresno and just how much the City Council members' conflicts of interest are costing the good peple of Fresno.

    Every downtwon developer, especially Mayor Patterson, and each Fresno City Council members should be ashamed to look into the mirror if they force a publicly financed muti-million-dollar multi-media stadium on the poor people of this stressed-out City. -Andy, Fresno


  • Editor: Re Terrible stinker in White House. If a terrible smell is coming from the White House, you can bet there's a skunk still living there.

    Should it be proved that Clinton not only maintained an illicit sexual liaison under the same roof where his wife and daughter were living but then tried to induce perjury or obstruct justice to keep the affair hidden, Clinton will be forced to resign or be impeached. In any event, the damage is not limited to the Clintons or his party's political fortunes.

    The country has lost heavily by betting on the Clintons. Character, we're finding, is an important issue when it comes to people with a grant of power. Any way you cut this deck, we've already lost with William Jefferson Clinton.

    Any way you cut this deck, we've already lost with William Jefferson Clinton.

    I am a Democrat and foolishly voted for Bill Clinton, because he denied the Jennifer Flowers sexual misconduct under oath. Now, after being elected president, its 5 years later. Last week, Clinton testified under oath denying Paula Jones accusations of his lewd sexual advances, he changed his testimony in the in the Flowers case. While still denying Jones' allegations he now fully admits he did have the alleged sexual relationship with Flowers. Now, here he is denying sexual misconduct with a 21 year old intern in the White House who says she has his semen on one of her dresses. He denies he had her lie about it under otah. He even denied it under oath.

    His conduct before and after these latest allegations is unacceptable. Clinton's failure to speak directly and consistently to the American public and confront these charges is an open confession of a guilty mind and dirty hands. His presidency is now paralyzed by guilt and fear of public exposure in Tailgate.

    He refuses to talk to his friends who might be wearing an FBI wire. His trusted aides are deeply depressed. This train is finally off-the-tracks. His cabinet members are in full-blown denial. Desertions are eminent in the face of oncoming indictments, impeachment, resignation, or suicide in office. -W. Berg, Maryland


  • Editor: Unethical, Immoral, Illegal People in White House. Public exposure to the indecent, illegal and immoral activities of people, particularly those who have decided to take 50 percent of our wages in taxes, is the job of a free press. Judging by the way unethical and immoral people have taken the reins of our country and driven her over a cliff, the "free" press has not done its job very well. -Mochowski


  • Editor: Re "Fresno City Hall Seeks Clinton Assistance w/Redevelopment Project" Jan 21, 1998. I do agree with much of your article in regards to the employment problems that face Fresno. I even agree with most of the causes that you state have contributed to the double digit unemployment, with the exception of naming NAFTA and GATT as contributing factors to Fresno's problem. However, as an un-biased moderate Republican, I have to wonder if you would dismiss this plan as ". . .re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. . ." if the Congressman and Councilmember seeking the Washington funds were Republicans and not Democrats?
    If you feel that Dooley and Ronquillo's plan is simply the re-arranging of deck-chairs, then what the Mayor and "some" remaining councilmembers must be doing is refusing to even get out of those deck chairs, or maybe even playing in the band as the ship continues to sink. -Ann D. Kloose Fresno


  • Editor: DR News Stories on Clinton Scandal. You Republicans are too damn myopic to see that protectionism, easy money, budget deficits probably benefit in the long run the business class that you so fervently represent. I find it almost unbelivable that Republicans claim to be in favor of free markets, but actually support massive corporate welfare giveaways and defense budgets.
    Basically, your party advocates an economic agenda that benefits, at most, 20% of the entire population; the rest of your votes are derived from your largely successful attempt to convince poor rednecks that you hate gays, abortions, and criminals. You guys are always moaning about "socialism," without ever really knowing what you are talking about. Greider advocates nothing like socialism in any of his books.
    Socialism means govt ownership of the means of production; (major industries at least) capitalism is fully consistent with progressive policies like a graduated tax system, a democratically controlled central bank, public education, infrastructure, etc. It was Adam Smith who said "The vile maxim of the masters of mankind is all for ourselves, and none for anyone else." You guys have successfully transformed this "vile maxim" into an electoral platform. You cant fool me; I read One World, Ready or Not, and found it about fifty times as convincing as any of the ideological excrement put out by leaders like DICK Armey, the dirigible of drivel, Rush Limbaugh, and Newt. Face it, boys: Socialism for the rich is your game, and you better not let the voters find out. (if you haven't figured it out yet, I think Clinton is a center-right piece of s_ _t with no spine.) - Ari Weinstein, Southern Oregon University

  • Editor: Re Clinton administration antics. Thanks for following on the heals of the outrageous behavior of this Clinton administration. Keep at it, we need the truth before this man ruins all the things men and women have fought for with blood and tears. We do care.
    What will this man do next? I am amazed at how the Constitution is being raped and abused by so called leaders.Is there no way this bunch can be kicked out and sent somewhere to pay for all they have done?
    Can it really be so that Clinton has been voted the most admired man alive? Yuck!Not by this mom who loves this country enough to speak the truth to my young ones.Keep on looking, you will find the last straw soon, I hope. An on line reader.-Mrs. Barbara Selleck

  • Editor: Re California K-12 education. The DR story on reading as thinking is right. Next comes curriculum, then training, then test development, validation, piloting and administration, then accountability through incentives and intervention. It's a long way home.
    California started with standards setting in language arts and math. These were supposed to be the easy ones. If the state Standards Commission and the state board can't reach an agreement over math standards, what possibility is there with social studies and science?
    Governor Pete Wilson and Superintendent Delaine Eastin should together call on the state Board of Education and the Standards Commission to now mediate their differences through a facilitated, and expedited, process.
    Many think this is impossible. Battles over education philosophy are being fought with religious indignation and zeal.
    But if a facilitated mediation process can lead to finding some effective and creative common ground. -Zoe

  • Editor: Re Stories of allegations of contemept of Congress. Contempt of Congress charges certainly seem appropriate for the entire Clinton Administration. They seem to be able to defiantly 'thumb their nose' at Congress with absolute impunity. It is about time that the Republicans began to move toward casting off the despotism the has become a part of the federal government since the election of the prevaricator-in-chief. His surrogate, Janet 'blind justice' Reno, needs to be held accountable for many of the extremely questionable events which have occurred under her highly partisan eye. Events like the deaths of Vincent Foster and Ron Brown, the toleration of known Chinese agents into Whitehouse briefings, the downing of flight 800, Waco, Ruby Ridge, FBI lab problems etc. raise questions of monumental proportion. It seems that the only moral standard that the liberals which have gained control of the Executive branch hold to is the maintenance of power. The majority of the members of Congress should be up in arms. Why is there such a wimpy response from the Speakers of the House and Senate? It may be that the future of freedom in this country currently rests with a few brave leaders in the Legislative branch who are willing to confront the Clintonistas. -Michael Parks


  • Editor: Re Communist Chinese & FBI Coverup. Okay, I'm a little behind times. This is the first I heard of the Chinese Communist leader visiting America. I'm appalled. I just got online and get most of my news now through the internet. Up until now, I have ignored the news basically because it's reported with a liberal bias. I just found the Daily Republican and it's a shame that it isn't mainstream because I think it's a good newspaper. The military honors that Clinton ordered is a slap in the face to any person who has ever served in the Armed Forces of this great nation. Anyway, good article. I'll keep reading. -D.Jacob Franklin

  • Editor: Re Matt Drudge claim that he's being sued by the White House. Much to my dismay, I've got proof that he's right. It might even take care of his lawsuit for awhile.
    Drudge is the Internet boy-wonder who is being sued for libel by White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal based on an item, retracted a day later, reporting on GOP-spread rumors that Blumenthal was a wife beater. Blumenthal hired a lawyer and brought suit, supposedly as a private citizen. But Drudge has argued that it is the White House that is against him; "It's the White House against Matt Drudge," he announced at a forum at USC Annenberg last month, his first public appearance since the suit was filed.
    I wrote a column after that appearance, initially published last Wednesday in USA Today, focused on the first amendment concerns raised by a top White House official pursuing a private libel suit while dealing with the press, and issues of concern to the media, on behalf of the President. On Monday morning, I was informed that the Deputy Press Secretary to the President had telephoned the Editorial Page Editor of USA Today to complain about my column. Not Blumenthal's private lawyer, mind you, but the President's Deputy Press Secretary.
    What troubled me initially in researching Matt Drudge was how the mainstream media portrayed him as if he bore no relation to them, when the reporting of rumors as news has passed as conventional journalism for at least a decade.
    What made this particularly ironic was that Drudge was "drudged" by his critics; with the exception of a piece by Todd Purdhum in the New York Times, virtually every other report would lead you to believe that Drudge had reported that Blumenthal beat his wife. What Drudge actually reported was that Republicans were spreading that rumor to retaliate for similar accusations against a top GOP consultant; Drudge also included in his initial report a total White House denial of the rumor, a point the responsible media almost uniformly neglected to mention in its coverage of Drudge.
    That doesn't mean that spousal abuse rumors should be lightly repeated; I don't think they should be, but no one attacked columnist Lars Erik Nelsonwhen he reported on a rumor operation run out of Newt Gingrich's officeaimed at tagging incoming Speaker Tom Foley as a homosexual. Quite thecontrary, most news organizations used Nelson's column as a basis to reportthe rumor themselves, in many cases ignoring entirely Nelson's original focus on its source. Why wasn't anyone making that comparison?
    Some of Drudge's fellow conservatives would claim that it's because the press is liberal, but I don't buy that. They may vote liberal, but they also relish eating them for lunch. It's much more about power, and those who wield it, and in Washington, power is measured very simply by proximity to the President.
    When I saw Sid Blumenthal last month in Washington, he was eager to learn of my relationship to America On-Line; through a contract with my syndicate, they feature my column and commentary at The Great Debate. Sid was not interested in where my views were available, but in whether he would be able to hold America On-Line responsible for Drudge's alleged libel. Matt Drudge has no money. He is not worth the $30 million that Blumenthal is seeking. But AOL, which carries the Drudge Report and has been named by Blumenthal in his suit, is. I didn't have much to tell Sidney about America On-Line; I've never actually met anyone there in person; I've never signed any papers; as far as I know, they could drop me from the debate tomorrow, although of course I hope they won't. The issue of AOL's relationship with content providers may be worth millions to Blumenthal, but it was the first amendment issues raised by the lawsuit and not the question of vicarious liability that interested me.
    n Monday, the Deputy Press Secretary to the President [Joe Lockart] called USA Today to complain about my alleged conflict of interest in writing about Sidney Blumenthal. According to the message I received, because I was "under contract" to America On-Line, supposedly Drudge's "partner" in the lawsuit, I had an undisclosed conflict of interest in the subject of my column. The senior editor forwarded the inquiry to me, asking for my response.
    If Mr. Blumenthal's lawyer had called, I might have pointed out, as I did to Sidney himself, that I don't have a contract with America On-Line; that the question of whether it is indeed Drudge's "partner" in this lawsuit is an issue to be litigated, not the subject of my column, much less an issue to be resolved by a newspaper in the guise of making some disclosure about me; and that if the subject is conflicts of interest, it is the White House which will be making decisions worth billions to America On-Line.
    But this wasn't a private lawyer calling. It was the Deputy Press Secretary to the President.
    What does the White House care about my relationship to America On-Line?
    If this is a private lawsuit pursued in a private capacity, why is the White House calling to complain, much less taking a position about anyone's contractual relationship (or lack thereof) with America On-Line?
    Some months ago, I had occasion to write a supporting brief for interested law professors, one of whose points was that in certain cases, a private lawsuit cannot be divorced from the public office held by one of the parties. We argued that the lawsuit should at least be stayed pending the official's term in office, and while the Supreme Court refused to allow the argument to defeat a plaintiff's right to a prompt day in court, you don't have that problem when the plaintiff is the public official.
    Sid Blumenthal has every right to protect his name, but when he pursues that case from the White House, aided by White House officials, the argument that it should be stayed until he leaves office is at least as persuasive as the argument I made on behalf of Mr. Blumenthal's boss in Jones v. Clinton.-Susan Estrich,USC


  • Editor: Re Howard Hobbs' stadium economics. I am quite impressed with you indepth analysis of this issue. Common sense tells me you are correct in the assumption that revenues generated are just diverted from another form of recreational spending. My own experience is the same.
    We have a limited budget and spend one way one month and another the next. If we went to a game it would be in lue of the movies or day trip to the coast. I spent 6.5 yrs in Hanford and now live in Tracy. I still listen to KMJ when I can and we still go to visit friends and family in Hanford so am pleased to find another source of info about the area.

    I may just subscribe. -Perry

  • Editor: Re Proposition 209 & Supreme Court. A scientific review of all contracts and labor compliance reports in California state and county construction projects will clarify the fact that black men have not significantly benefited from either contract awards nor employment under such contracts. They have been systematically removed from employment opportunities paid for with their tax dollars. Black women have suffered a greater degree of race and gender discrimination and sexual harassment and have least benefited from any so called Affirmative Action programs. Such programs have tended to be a smokescreen for the "face" of equal opportunity, rather than actual facilitation of the employment of and contracting with those who have historically faced the obvious race/color/ethnic difference from the predominant society.
    Proposition 209 will merely facilitate those who have discriminated, and continue to discriminate, by enabling and empowering those who already control the majority of economic power to take the whole pie. Proposition 209 purports to eliminate preferences. Hah! Nepotism, Favoritism, and Cronyism have not been outlawed in the workplace. Significantly, it has not bee outlawed in the tax-supported workplace. This includes government offices, and business which thrive with government contracts.
    Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Thou Art King.-Lita Pezant, San Bernardino, CA

  • Editor: Re Bulldog News. Delightful and refreshing viewpoints. I would like to know how to submit written copy to you and send it by snail mail, I enjoy very much the daily republican and the bulldlog newspaper on line. -pool


  • Editor: Re City Hall story. Congratulations for your fine paper! You consistently grasp issues the rest of the media misses. Your analysis of the stadium issues is outstanding. Thank you!-Repoman

  • Editor: Re City Hall story. I have been reading your publication for only a couple of weeks. I is the only way I can get a clear picture of what is going on in Fresno and the world. Keep up the good work. God bless you. -name witheld

  • Editor: Re DR Newspaper Editorial Policy. I know of other people who would be interested in your view of the news compared with the Fresno Bee. Is it possible to have the Fresno Daily Republican sen to them? -W.Hughes

  • Editor: Re City Hall story. You have done a fine job of disseminating lies and half-truths. Your Oct. 29 "edition" contains some out and out lies regarding baseball and the exhibit hall. The exhibit hall was stopped because the developer could not find private financing, work conditions had nothing to do with it. By the way, Mayor Patterson helped vote that developer into the job. Fresno cannot have Triple-AAA baseball without the Diamond Group who owns the baseball rights to Fresno. They do own the team and the contract with the SF Giants. The word subsidy is a bunch of bull, the City will own the stadium.Mortgage payments for something you end up owning is no subsidy. Besides the City would get most of that back thru fees, taxes etc.The Diamond Group has made some mistakes, no doubt about it, but their final offer to pay $1.9 million a yearis almost double what any other Triple-AAA team pays per year. What makes Fresno think it should own the stadium and have the Diamond Group pay for the whole thing? What a sweet deal...and it won't happen. Finally, the Daily Republican has shown a true lack of ethics and journalism. Did Mayor Patterson write this dribble for you? Please take us of any list you may have and never grace our fax machine again.-Randy Muzny (fax #209-255-7385)

  • Editor: Re Robert Bork editorial. Looking at the paper for the first time--very nice!--I coudln't find the Robert Bork editorial. Do you have an archive? Good work! -Guy Story Brown, Dallas

  • Editor: Re BLM mustangs story. I have adopted 2 mustangs from the Blm. One from Missouri (Milwakee BLM) November 1995, one from Kansas (Oklahoma BLM) October 1996. Both times I had my shelter and pen inspected by a local Veternarian. Before 90 days after we adopted each of the horses, a BLM official came to my farm to inspect. I received the title for the horses a year after I adopted each. I have since bought a third Mustang from an owner that furnished me with the title. These three horses are the finest horses I have ever had. They were not hard to gentle or train. All it takes is patients and gentle care.
    Milwakee BLM even furnished me with a map to show the location where my mustang was caught, information on what the horses eat in that area and the probalility of how the horse got there( stock it probably came from) ie.lost army horses from long ago.
    ink the BLM that services the Kansas area are doing a good job. Maybe with all the computers around today the BLM can keep better records. I don't tend to argue this, I just wanted to say a good word for the BLM, they have been very helpful to me. Your article is very informative. -Rick Mellott

  • Editor: Re Durnil's new book. Gordon Durnil's book opens a Pandora's box in postulating that America may be beyond reform. It is my belief that as ordinary citizens we are at this point in time left with but two choices: We can prepare ourselves to exist and survive in an absolute socialist system. Or, we can assume all the risk inherent in the calling of a Constitutional Convention and proceed to rewrite the document in language not susceptible to distortions by a runaway judiciary.-R.W. Roland

  • Editor: Re Clinton-Gore Campaign hearings. Now it is absolutely clear that Clinton conceived, organized, and led a criminal conspiracy to violate campaign laws and other federal statues.
    The GOP should be forthright in so stating. The RNC's refusal in 1995-6 to answer the Clinton/DNC/AFL-CIO ad campaign was a terrible policy blunder.
    The GOP should begin a nationwide AD blitz now to acquaint the American people with the extent and depth of Clinton and Company's political corruption and his stealing of the 1996 Election.
    For God sake don't repeat the 1995-6 blunder again and lose the Congress, too, next year! -Robert E. Butler

  • Editor: Re 'Clinton Go Home!' Protest in Bazil. Now, why didn't I see that on the TV evening news? Thank you. - R.P. [Bob] Wheeler

  • Editor: Re review of Gordon Durnil's book "Is America Beyond Reform?" Next month I will be 78 years of age. First generation born in this country. High School graduate during the depression. World War II service and retired from the U.S. Navy after 22 years service. I have never been so depressed about the direction of this country. -JOHN LEONE

  • Editor: Re White House Tapes. Your article is appreciated. Has anyone checked to see if a large number of video machines are being delivered to the White House to "review (edit)" those tapes before release. Particularly telling is that the follow-up to the first release of videos coincided with the release of a weak "Reagan did it too" excuse. Again, thanks for your article. -R Schoel

  • Editor: Re Presidential conduct stories. Clinton and Gore, along with their ilk have sent a disasterous message to this nation, especially to the youth and future potential leaders of this country.
    To suggest by their apparent criminal actions that "anything" is ok as long as it has the presidential seal of approval is the wrong message. How can the body (the people) govern, and fight an on going war against drugs, as well as other internal problems, when the head (the government) is sick?
    Contrary to popular opinion, I believe that morality, honesty and integrity are still very important today, traits which obviously are missing in Washington in our generation. This situation (illegal campaign funding) should be dealt with quickly and decisively,and some degree of faith restored to the head of our nation.
    The smell is beginning to spread into all branches of government. -Jerry L. Gardner

  • Editor: Re Robert Bork Editorial. The first thing Mr Bork did wrong was to listen to anything William Kristol had to say. The Second thing he did wrong was not to lighten up but sit down and count all the good things about these conservatives.
    His cup is half empty instead of half full. I am sick to death of these so called leaders of the Republican Party complaining about everything the elected Majority is doing.
    Mr Gingrich is a History Professor and knows there were worse times than this in our History and we will see our way through this or we will have another FLOOD. These bozos in the White House will soon be gone.
    We will immediately Fumigate the place, fire all the Federal Attorneys, get Yeltsin to give Hillary and Bill citizenship in Russia and throw the rest of her entourage out on their ear.
    I for one think this should be done in public. Just to show we have a Heart we will let "Socks" stay in America.
    Please tell Mr Bork to get out of Wash. D. C. at least twice a week and I'm sure he will come to his senses. -B J Brown, Eagle River, Alaska

  • Editor: Re Daily Republican news stories. It's refreshing to read a report in the national news that doesn't immediately switch to John Glenn or Robert Torricelli for spin control. Viva la facts. Thanks for news without the typical TV network spin. -R Schoel

  • Editor: Re Fund Raising Scandal. When will The House of Representatives start impeachment proceedings against William Clinton and Albert Gore for obstruction of justice and federal campaign violations? The disavowal; "Oh, it was a mistake", and weasel words (The Art of Saying What You Don't Mean) are over. William Clinton is a graduate of Yale Law School. Who took his law exam? The cat ate my thesis. Hope a virus doesn't eat this email! -Roger Puterbaugh, Glendale, Ohio

  • Editor: Re Clinton-Gore Campaign. Do you really believe that they will appoint a counsel to investigate Gore? I think they plan on everyone forgetting the whole thing within the 90 days, and another thing this whole charade is to cover up what is really smelly with this whole regime. Throw the unwashed a few bits so they forget the bigger ones. I wouldn't trust any of them. While you are at it tell the Republicans we sent them there to offset those socialistic idiots not get along with them. Let them call us everything under the sun, do what you said you'd do. Get rid of Big Government and also do away with Commerce, Education, Energy and few hundred others.
    All they have to do is pass a law saying no person or Agency can make laws or regulations unless they have been voted into office. That would send a few of them into oblivion. Also, get rid of the IRS!
    I lean toward the Flat Tax myself. -BJ Brown, Alaska

  • Editor: Re Daily Republican Newspaper. Our country needs more information like this [Daily Republican Newspaper] website. Right now the Cold War is being refuted in our schools and universities, and blamed on the United States. Thank you for this site, which reflects the truth, something often ignored in today's history lessons. -William F. Sauerwein 1SG, U.S. Army (Retired)

  • Editor: Re Daily Republican Newspaper. I just wanted to tell you that I love your site, and that I'm going to bookmark it for sure. BTW, my I'm 14 yeras old and I was wondering if you could take a look at my Clinton Sucks/conservative site at http://clintonsucks.home.ml.org (Or http://www.kdsi.net/~nebrfan/clinton). If you like it, and you have some spare space in the newspaper, maybe you could review it.Thanks. -Adam Horn

  • Editor: Re IRS Abuses Probe. IT IS ABOUT TIME! I believe that the vast majority of the taxpayers think that the IRS is the most corrupt and most easily corrupted agency of the Federal Government.
    If the IRS claims you owe then one must get a lawyer or a CPA! I've had the unpleasant experience and it was the IRS's error. I survived but I still had to pay the CPA. I think it's a good time to do away with IRS and go with a flat tax or a federal sales tax. -Dan Grailer

  • Editor: Re IRS Abuse Reports -


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: TE

    The IRS is attempting extortion. They have violated my Constitutional rights.I have committed no crime, yet my home of 15 years has been seized from me and sold.

    Until someone names my crime, allows me to defend myself in front of a jury of my peers, who convicts me of a crime, I WILL NOT SURRENDER MY HOME.

    Help me to defend my home and the Constitution of the United States against these bureaucratic thugs.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: TS

    We are on a monthly payment plan that we will never be able to pay off -- due to excessive interest and penalties.


    From: PC

    The IRS ruined our credit. Now, we are unable to live a normal life or own a home. I feel helpless. They have made us feel like criminals. A financial mistake when we were young, ten years ago, and our lives have been ruined. We started out owing $8,000, now we owe $30,000 that we can never pay.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: JG

    The IRS would not allow me due process in considering my case BEFORE threatening to seize my bank accounts. This FORCED me to pay all amounts, plus penalties and interest that they insisted I owed them. No hearing, no chance to show they were wrong, no help in seeking justice... from anybody!


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: AS

    I am an American living in Singapore. My wife is a Singaporean. The IRS has been calling in the middle of the night waking us up and harassing us. I am not a tax protestor. I have filed all my necessary tax returns and provided the IRS all the information they have requested to substantiate my returns. Yet, they seem to have ignored everything and sent me a 300K tax bill and a 90 day letter. I had NO CHOICE but to file a case in the US Tax Court. I was forced to spend additional thousands of dollars to defend myself against this agency that has run amok. I don't like that. My wife being a citizen of an independent sovereign country does not like being wakened in the middle of the night by US government agents. She may file a protest with the Singapore government. She considers this action by the US a violation of her right to privacy. Its time we stopped these guys. Also, as a person who's life is being destroyed by the IRS for NO REASON I am willing t contribute of my time and expertise without charge to your cause if it will help insure the demise of the IRS. I need help too as I have a case coming up in the US Tax Court soon, and living abroad, I find it difficult to get any help.
    Someone suggested writing to my congressman but since I do not have a US home (for over 11 years) I don't believe I even have one to write to. And, if I did, I have no faith he or she would listen to my plea.
    I have done nothing wrong but am being forced to spend lot's of money to keep my name clear. And, after reading your book, even innocence may not prevail where the tax bureaucracy is concerned.
    It's time for the silent majority to be heard. We will not have our freedom trampled upon by the tax-Gestapo IRS that operates outside the law.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: JM

    The IRS was directly responsible for the demise of my father's successful consulting company. His accountants were partially to blame - they put his company on an incorrect tax plan, and the IRS came after five years of operation to demand back taxes, almost a half-million dollars. This was back when the construction market wasn't too good, and they could not pay the back taxes in the time that the IRS demanded. My father and his partners tried to pay it back gradually, but the IRS wanted it immediately. They had to liquidate the company in order to get the money, and the IRS constantly threatened to seize our home if the money was not repaid on time. We eventually got them off our backs, but now my father is working for someone else at a job he does not enjoy. I hope you are successful in this lawsuit.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: JK

    The IRS has stolen money from me under threat of force. They did this by threatening to imprison me if I did not give up a percentage of my money every year .


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: WL

    They are threatening to file a lien against me and seize my property because they claim that I owe them the whopping sum of $53.46 from 1992. They have repeatedly ignored my requests for proof of their claim. They have failed to answer even the most basic questions.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: MK

    I was in business from 72-86 and closed because of the harassment I received from the IRS. It turned out to be an error by the IRS but not before they threatened to reposes our house and other items. The IRS owed us over $10,000-- it was finally paid back to us -- but not before much intimidation.


    From: RA

    I am required to spend at least 28% of my productive energy paying for services I do not require and seldom if ever use. In addition, I am required to do enormous amounts of record keeping and income reporting which have absolutely nothing to do with the productive purposes of my business. In all, just using narrow-scope accounting, this one particular agency wastes 40% of my productive energy.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: AB

    The IRS audited my pension plan on what I consider frivolous charges, they later dropped all the charges -- after keeping me on edge for 4 years and after all kinds of auditing expenses. Not to mention the time and tax payer money wasted by the IRS.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: JT

    The IRS creates INCREDIBLE fear. I am always afraid I'm going to make a mistake on my tax return! It is impossible to understand all the fine points in their instructions, yet I cannot afford to hire expensive legal help to figure it out!


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: JT

    Simply, the IRS takes 25% of my income, and gives me nothing but threats in return.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: CS

    In 1992, my wife received a settlement from a large corporation in a class action discrimination suit that was granted under title 7 in regards to personal injury. Taxes were paid in accordance with the prevailing laws and all was well. Now, three years later, the IRS has decided that the settlement no longer falls under title 7, and that these were simply a loss of wages. The settlement was for a period over four years in length and yet they feel entitled to an additional $33,000 and $8,000 in interest. Total bill of $41,000!! This family of five lives at a low enough level that it qualifies for financial aid and the local food program!


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: JC

    Interesting site. Is the IRS watching? I have been on an installment agreement for 10 years. The original debt (941) was approx. $8000, I have paid $14,000 so far and I am told I currently owe approx $25,000. I have sufficient equity in a home that the IRS happily put a lien on it. I seem to be stuck and cannot get any amnesty or forgiveness.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: PC

    The I.R.S. seized my car because of a mistake they made. They got my ss# wrong and it matched someone who did not pay taxes. Even though the names were different, they took the car anyway. It took me 3 months to get it back. And, my radio was stolen from their impound!


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: AM

    Levies, liens, excessive penalties and interest. All of these have just about crippled me financially. I had to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect myself. All of these actions (including the bankruptcy), have caused me nothing but misery. I need a co-signer for just about any lease or credit application I submit. I found the tax liens to be an enormous embarrassment especially when my sisters and I applied for a loan to remodel an old house we had inherited from our father, only to have the loan turned down for the above reasons. I am in a serious financial rut that I am having much difficulty climbing out of.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: PK

    Constant threats over a 6 yr period. An attempt to garnish wages. Several levies for taxes owed, unreasonable tax assessed when I played in a band at 17yrs of age making ONLY enough $ to survive living on the road.


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: AH

    Can they really take all that I own?


    To: editor@dailyrepublican.com
    From: SW

    They have garnished my wages. They have unfairly decided how much they wanted to take and left me with less than enough to survive. The amount the IRS thinks I owe is not associated with any objective honesty. The IRS does not even follow their own rules.

  • Editor: Re IRS, Steve Forbes & Political Contribution Debacle. PLEASE ditch the IRS. Support Steve Forbes. The man is articulate and has the courage to stand firmly with his ideas about how to move this country in a positive direction. Other Republicans are trampled by the Press - redefining the content of their ideas with a liberal tilt. This man is a pleasure to watch. He stops an interview and insists they hear what he has said ... not as "they" like to define what he has said!
    So the law makes it a crime to shake down government workers. What will the law discover about the unfortunate government worker who testified at the Senate just before Roger Tamraz? The woman was shaken down ... turned upside-down and shaken down ... and these matters need to be investigated thoroughly. -Conrad Roemke

  • Editor: Re Reno Criminal Probe of Clinton & Gore. Beware of Democrats bearing Gifts. She probable did it to stop the earings as they were getting too close. This probe will probably go on ntil after 2000. One more thing. If I hear "Bipartianship" one more ime I think I will be too ill to go on. Also they are corrupting the ords "Grass Roots". While I'm at it, what kind of drug was Turner on hen he pledged a billion dollars. Biggest laugh of the week. -J Brown, Alaska

  • Editor: Re Tamraz Birbery. Who cares if a guy is crazy enough to dream big enough to build a pipeline in the middle of 'no where'? More power to this business man! In the end, humanity benefits. Leave the guy alone, let him do his thing. The sky will always be the limit when you're dealing with big thinkers. He's got balls, and is honest enough to acknowledge the truth of the process. I really hope he succeeds and makes a zillon dollars! -Rachel Corona, Oregon State University

  • Editor: Re Campaign Law Violations. Frankly I think the questioning of the witnesses so far is extremely easy and not probing and tough on the witnesses. I personally think that the Republicans on the Committee are either afraid that their own skeletons will be bared or they simply do not know how to act in the majority.
    Democrats in their place would have simply rail-roaded the hearings and made so much noise of these clear violations of the law instead of getting side tracked by the "campaign-reforms" which is a red herring.
    Why is noboody asking a simple question: If the Democrats are not willing to follow and obey the exisiting laws on the books what is the need to add more laws and what is the guarantee that they will obey those new reforms laws.
    I am so disgusted with the performance of the GOP at all levels that I am really wondering if re-electing them in the majority will do any good. -Harish Chinai

  • Editor: Re Elected Crooks. If you elect crooks to public office, more time and money will be spent on justice than legislation. And thank God it is so! -David L Zimmer, Fairmount, Ga.

  • Editor: Re Taiwan. Please,please, keep it up. The Chinese have taken over the government.They own Clinton and Gore and now they have the same fate planned for the us as they have for tibet, flood the country with chinese natioinals and then total assimilation of the race or genocide. WE ARE IN HARM'S WAY, PLEASE HELP US! =ROSE LIM

  • Editor: Re HR2264. There is no conservatism in the House if this type of parental authority is to be sacrificed for the convenience of a budget deal. Take all my money but leave my kids alone. -O'Connell Family

  • Editor: Re Diana Condolence. No word can express how much we will miss you Diana, especially after the world got to really know you as the caring person you were. May your soul rest in peace. Our prayers go to William and Harry as well. -Tony Artero, Guam

  • Editor: Re Senate Hearings. After fifteen years working as a cop in a prior life, I can't help but equate the democrat's whining about reform with the burglar who laments that there should be a law against people leaving their windows unlocked during the night. The bottom line in all of this? It does not matter how many or what manner of laws are passed on campaign finance reform. If the people elect a crook to lead them, the laws of the land will be subverted and the cause of liberty ill served. - Jeffrey J. Munks. Montery, CA

  • Editor: Re Jones v. Clinton. So what else is new. Waffle, change, deny and lie. -S.Cook

  • Editor: Re Diana Condolence. We got to know Pricess Diana better in the last few days, thanks to a more understanding media. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the two sons, William & Harry and her family. -Carl Savage, Maine

  • Editor: Re Diana Condolence. The death of princess Diana is truly a tragedy. But thanks be to God for allowing us to witness such a woman who had a selfless kind of love and concern for the world. Perhaps we ought to think at this time about our individual contributions to this world. Believe me we are all here for a reason. Let us reach up to God seek forgiveness for sins and reach outward to our fellow man and encourage the homeless and the helpless, the sick and the shutins as well as the those who have been shut out. Give a little something extra to the bum on the street not only at times like these but everyday. Please let's not go back to our familiar routines. We all have to help each other if we want to get by. -Brooklyn

  • Editor: Re Diana Condolence. I find it hard to think about Princess Diana's death. She was too young to die. I believe she would still be alive if the photographers had not been too enthusiastic about their work. These photographers have been enthusiastic to a fault. I believe some of them have regretted. Princess rest in peace. -Ghana.

  • Editor: Re Diana. I would propose to the world to join our hearts in one to show her our unconditional love, and stop advocating or judging others. Let her rest in peace as well as her loves ones, and let them have their space for nurturing and supporting each other for their highest good !

  • Editor: Re Diana Condolence. No word can reveal how we missed you. -Indonesia

  • Editor: Re Daina Condolence. Our prayers are with you, William and Harry. Remember your mother as the sensitive, devoted, and loving person that she was. We will all miss her dearly. May she rest in peace.-Okinawa

  • Editor: Re Reagan story. I agree. President Reagan was a motivator, a great man whom I fear will not get credit for what he did due to the revisionist writers of history. What galls me is that our current president eagerly takes credit for things he has not done. The liberal media lets him get away with this tactic. Clinton is a sorry example of what the president should be. He has degraded the office and should be impeached. -DRS

  • Editor: Re Editorial on City Owned baseball stadiums. I'm not sure what portions of Howard Hobbs article dated 8/25 regarding city owned baseball stadiums could have contained any facts since the first paragaraph was riddled with mis-information regarding the Fresno City Councilmember's Position on the baseball stadium as well as two of three of their names being spelled wrong.
    At no time did Councilmembers' Bredefeld, Perea or Ronquillo waiver their support for a downtown stadium. They simply took the advice of the numerous members of the appointed task force, stating that the stadium should be publicly not privately owned. I'm proud to report that the motion to put this item out for a public vote was defeated 5-2. The motion to support a publicly owned stadium (with final details to be ironed out) was passed by a vote of 6-1. Although I admit this has been a political debacle of sorts, I'm uncertain of how you fouled the facts up so badly. -Ann Kloose, Fresno

  • Editor: Re DR Reagan Library Link. Good to see your newspaper way up North in North Dakota on the Canadian Border. I was a great follower of Ronald Reagan. I won election to the State Legislature the same year he won the Presidency. Great man.
    I just finished settling up with Farmers Home Administration on my Ranch and after I got done with them and they took it all. I still owe close to $100,000. Capital Gains Tax to the IRS and St Tax com. A man wonders what's the use of working. -Orlin Hanson, Sherwood, ND.

  • Editor: Re DR Reagan Library Link. It is wonderful to hear words that say that Reagan still walks today in the world. I have missed this man who stands silent and tall and made us all proud again. Reagan shattered our malaise forever, for Americans are not meant to just get along and go along. We are all part of a racous debate called freedom.
    It is one suited to Americans, who come from generations of boatrockers and malcontents who did not believe that liberty is a bargained trinket but a cherished right.
    For all Americans both on the left and the right we owe a great debt of gratitude to Ronald Reagan. He smashed the apethetic 70's with a death blow and freed us to really start thinking of our futures. He won the cold war for us so that our debates on the role of government could be unfettered with thoughts of attack from abroad. He challanged each one of us to reach out and become that which is the best within us.
    He did not ask to be loved, but he is loved. He stands with us as a stern father, unsatisfied by your status quo but encouraging better things from you. And as a father whose love is earned, we are better for the tasks we are given. I am sad that he is not about with us, that we cannot talk to him and ask him questions and learn from his life's journey. But I for one will forever carry him with me, and will miss him always when God calls him to a better place. -David Shows

  • Editor: I don't understand the delay here...Impeach Clinton! If this were a conservative Republican we were talking about, he would already be under the jail. We have admission by BOTH the President and the Vice-President (or is that the President of VICE?) to high crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by them with the provision that the law does not apply to them??!! This is outrageous! It's not for THEM to decide whether or not the law applies! Watergate was NOTHING compared to what these TRAITORS have done for MONEY! We KNOW that Communist Chinese agents had access to President Clinton because of their donations. And we KNOW that Hillary Rodham received money on Federal property from CHICOM agents. Let their lawyers PROVE to Congress and The American People that they are above the law. Sufficient, even overwhelming evidence already exists for impeachment charges to be filed. If Charles Coleson could be tried & convicted for possessing even ONE FBI file, then we should be able to imprison most of the Whitehouse staff for this one! The problem is this, there's only ONE Congressman willing and able to do his DUTY to his country. -Mark G. Kent

  • Editor: Re Intellectual Capital. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see hte first rreference to "republic" in any press statement I have ever seen. Bravo for recognizing and calling us a republic, and not a "democracy"(yuk) -Bill

  • Editor: Re Washington D.C. Gee, our Nation's Capital was run by congress for 150 years, and was a fine city. We let them run it for the last 60, and it's the murder capital of the US, with a convivted drug dealer as the mayor.
    I think it's time we abolished home rule in DC altogether. Maybe it's time to ban all permanent residence from the city, too. Make it a city of politians, diplomats, and their aides. -Michael Faber

  • Editor: Re BLM Wild Horse Protection. What can I do to help with the plight of the wild horses. Where should we apply pressure? -Wil Collins

  • Editor: America lost. As usual nothing seems to affect Clinton. When did we lose America? Why ant something be done. Who is behind the big coverup? I think we live in evil evil times. This president should go along with the rest of his gang. -S.Elrod

  • Editor: Re Clinton. Excuse me for critisizing Republicans, but when is the house going to start impeachment proceedings for Al Gore? He has already confessed to federal crimes on national TV, and there are records to prove it. -Michael Faber

  • Editor: Re Tax Cut. As a general concept, how does the tax (federal and social security, in particular) burden compare between being employed vs. self-employed. That is, all else being equal, e.g. in both situations working for 30% of sales, is one more advantageous than the other? -Mike Hodkin

  • Editor: Re Chinagate. I don't have cable TV, or a dish, so I don't have direct access to what is REALLY going on with this. All I get is the standard media bubblegum from Rather, Jennings and Brokaw, and those guys would prefer to spend 20 minutes talking about that Miami Killer.
    I think they love it when something(ANYTHING, NO MATTER HOW STUPID) re: Tyson-Holyfield, can allow them to keep the spotlight off of their boy --"BEIJING BILL". I read the report about Ms. Albright's actions concerning China and Charlie Trie and jumped up and yelled "YES!"
    This would never make it to the Anchor Desk at CBS.
    Impeachment is called for, but that would creat a massive power vacuum in Washington. Lets face it, you would have to sweep the whole administration out... you couldn't salvage ANY of them. Starting with Janet Reno. What a DISASTER!
    How in God's name could we put this slimeball in the Whitehouse--TWICE?? -Terry Hale - Louisville

  • Editor: Re Fresno Edition. While searching my server the CVIP Internet, I wanted something to read published in Fresno other than the Fresno Bee. A tough feat and lo and behold there appeared a new newspaper on the horizon, namely the Daily Republican..What I saw I liked and for what I saw and read I liked. Thank you. -Marie Torigian

  • Editor: Re Evita film review. Che Gueverra was supposed to be a NARATOR, someone to tell the story, I think that he did wonderful job. it was better than having 6 different actors play small parts. Also Eva was not stripped of emotions, she had her Family with her all the time, maybe you didn't watch the movie carefully, but her brother was hired by Peron to be Eva's personal assistant. he went everywhere with her including the rainbow tour. Her mother and sisters were always at her side and she was well loved by them. Don't tell me that Madonna lacked emotion when she was singing, not lipsynching, Lament, at the end of the movie just before she died, if you think that then you are as heartless as you think she is. -Paige Jagan

  • Editor: About Senator Thompson's Governmental Affairs Committee hearings. But it seems no one cares! It seems to me that the RNC must advertise this historic event in a way that 30yr. olds with MTV mentalities will become interested. Republicans have got to loosen their neckties, roll up their sleeves and start swinging! BTW, let me take this time to thank you for your work and your web site. -David L. Zimmer

  • Editor: If Clinton has, in fact, given Russia a central role in NATO without receiving reciprocal power over Russia by signing a charter, CAN THE U.S. SENATE and/or CONGRESS OVERTURN IT? This is truly scary for our future. Not only is Clinton destroying the office of the President, he is creating a chilling legacy. What can we do to reverse it? -Cinda Thomas

  • Editor: In business, I often make decisions that are unpopular with my employees,family members, or investors. I make these decisions to satisfy customers. This strengthens my business. Yet I am not a strong leader. I simply lead.
    Mr. Armey retreats from the conservative, moral position and votes to grant Most Favored Nation status for China. Why? Mr. Armey is a strong leader! He simply refuses to lead. This makes our country weak. And I am a dissatisfied customer. -Patrick Baum, Columbus

  • Editor: About the Relief Bill Compromise. I would love to know what in the world the republican congress is doing? All I can see from here is that they are trying to self destruct and are doing a very good job of it.
    I am a loyal republican and will always stand behind them, but compromising on this bill was about the stupidest thing they could have ever done.
    Now they have shown that they can not stand up to the democrats, that the democrats can get them to do anything just by making them look bad to the public (even though it is with lies)!
    And now Bonior has not wasted a second in attacking the republicans for CUTTING relief to the needy people. If they had any thoughts in their mind that they would look like the good guys buy compromising and everything would be OK after they showed their "compassion" by folding, they aren't as bright as I gave them credit for being!
    I love having a republican controlled congress and think they can do great things if they just get their act straight. They are dealing with the most dishonest, lying, sniveling, (clever, shrewed, coniving) democrats in history and just keep giving them opportunities to make them look like idiots.
    If they want to be reelected they had better planning better, sticking to their plan - NO MATTER WHAT THE DEMOCRATS SAY, and be alot more active in getting their word out!
    If the democrats attack them on tv/radio on a point republicans are clearly right on (which is most of the time); then get out and show the facts twice as much as the democrats lie about it. Make the message plain and simple so the uneducated, sympathizing people that are too lazy to actually compare what the media says and what the truth is can understand it!
    The republican congress can say "we meant well" about everything they do - it isn't going to help when they cave and say - "we are right, but we were tired of getting attacked". All they do is play right into the democrats hands.
    The democrats don't need a plan, they just wait for the republicans to say what they are going to do then they sit back and say "OK, how can we make them look uncaring and mean to the people on this issue". Then they go out and press whatever they come up with and the republicans say "Oh no, we are looking mean and uncaring; maybe we should give in on this and tell the people - we aren't giving in because we are wrong, we are giving in because we can't take the heat."
    I am an Air Force NCO with almost 20 years in. I have 8 brothers - 6 have been in the Air Force, 1 in the army, and one in the army and navy. I have two sisters, both have been in the Air Force (one an officer), my dad was in the army air corps, and my mother helped build planes back in WWII.
    I love my country and think having a republican president and republican controlled congress at the same time would be the best thing for it. But the republicans are never going to get that chance if they keep this up.
    I am so outraged at how the democrats are twisting things and I know that Bill Clinton and the democratic congress are masters at doing it. It seems they are a charmed bunch that the media are willing accomplices to. Republican congressmen and women should have learned long ago - Giving in to look compassionate DOES NOT WORK, they just sit back, laugh and say "we got them again, this is a piece of cake". We can not keep playing into their hands!
    Republicans - 1. Listen to what Rush Limbaugh says and how he says it! 2. Get on Rush's show and talk to the people! 3. Get the word out what you are up to!!! 3..4..5.. times more then the democrats!
    The republicans in congress need to get it into their heads: "We will stick behind them all the way through the easy times and the rough times! If they don't stick to their guns though, we will just have to elect new republican congressmen and women that have a backbone! We know they have it in them.SHOW IT!
    One other effect of this compromising on everything, the people may still vote for you but it will be alot more difficult to convince the americans to donate when they see the money going no where. They will still vote...they will just vote for a different republican! -TSgt Richard Merris

  • Editor: About the Propaganda War. Daily I see the Democrats winning the propaganda war, and I can not keep from wondering ..WHY?? I find it hard to believe that the Republican party doesn't have the talent and brain power that the Democrats have.
    What IS the problem? Clearly this "don't make waves for fear of blame" policy isn't working. The blitz of accusatory information continues to flow from the Democrats, UNCHALLENGED by the Republican majority. It's time to get off of our dead asses and counter this flood of mis-information. WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN? -Mike Watson. Lufkin, TX

  • Editor: American companies traded with Hitler's murderers prior to and during WW II. Now they're trading with the butchers of Bejing. This isn't surprising. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that the heads of the multi-nationals dig the gold out of their parent's teeth before burial. -Dave Marciniak

  • Editor: In the MSNBC newspaper story "Does Paula Jones Really Have Grounds to Sue" by Kathleen Quinn, on June 1, 1997 her story contends that the Paula Jones V. Clinton law suit has no legal grounds. Quinn makes numerous false statements attempting to confuse the reader in order to present a muddled argument that has no reasoned conclusion.
    Quinn wrote that this week the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously ruled that the president of the United States cannot delay the progress of a civil suit brought against him, '...in this particular case, one wherein it is alleged that prior to his becoming [president], and while he was still governor of the state of Arkansas he sexually harassed, assaulted and defamed an Arkansas state employee, intentionally inflicting upon her emotional distress and violating her federally protected civil rights.' Quinn writes that was all a long time ago and not the basis for a law suit, in 1997.

    But, the grounds for the law suit in Jones v. Clinton damage to Jones' reputation, the defamation that took place '...on and after February 11, 1994.' Thus, the law suit is one for defamation by Clinton and his agensts which occurred while Clinton was president of the United States, even though he may have committed acts of sexual harassment against Jones in 1991 while Clinton was governor of Arkansas.
    The Kathleen Quinn story represents a genre of reporting more suitable as propoganda than informed discourse.In her own way, she adds to the defamation injury suffered by Jones. -Bill

  • Editor: If Republicans, after the huge influx of Red Chinese funds into the DNC, don't oppose this with every fiber in our being, we are as nuts as we were in seating Louisiana's new Senator. Republican's just don't know how to use power. -Dave & Sharon

  • Editor: I am interested in finding out how American public officials can so easily be bought out or influenced by foreign money through foreign agents. Is there way to get information on who spent what on International PR, Campaigns, or other perks for the politicians?
    Your article was pretty good, but I think the buying of US Foreign Policy has been a well practiced trade for a number of decades. These activities have lead to our involvement in places where we clearly did not have a national interest, like Somalia.
    I am especially interested in the role of international PR firms, like Rudder-Finn and their involvement in the Gulf War (Kuwait Misinformation Efforts) and Bosnia.
    Thanks for discussing the role of foreign money in our politics. I am afraid both parties and need to be changed! I appreciate any advise or assistance in directions for my research. -Jeff Jaksich

  • Editor: Keep up the good work. We need information that is factual, not like the news we get with the main stream media. -DRS

  • Editor: Pardon me but. I'm a little po'ed. The RNC just sent me a new card and ask for more money. What am I supposed to support? Trent Lott and his feminist reaction to Flynn? The President gets on the air and announces that the Republican congress failed to support aid to flood victims in the Mid West and no Republican has the time to call the President a liar? When are the Republicans going to get some b____? The President lies! Call him on his lies! Pat Buchanan is looking better and better! -David Zimmer

  • Editor: My response to the China trade deficit problem is, I refuse to knowlingly buy anything made in China. I believe China and Clinton are the current threat to our way of life.
    China's style of government is an obvious threat to our traditional way of life and governing. The liberal beliefs of China's form of government, and Clinton's beliefs, result in making people dependent upon a government instead of themselves.
    It started with Roosevelt in the 1930's and came rushing out at us with Johnson's Great Society. I do not know whether president Clinton's liberal-communistic beliefs, China's beliefs or the liberal media is the more corrupting?
    I believe the news releases of Clinton and the liberal media, whose tactics remind me of H. Goring's propaganda machine, are constant lies that are drumed into the heads of the Americans at fifteen minute intervals over the radio and during various TV news broadcasts.
    I almost forgot the Labor Union lies in their TV commercials are another problem because they are constant and warp the unthinking greedy that live off the policies of the liberals. -Lon R. Brown

  • Editor: The U.S. has an obligation to press as hard as it can to bring some justice finally to the horror that was the Holocaust whether it takes congressional pressure or popular opinion. It seems only right that the Clinton administration should press the Swiss to turn over to the survivors the wealth stolen by the Nazis during the Second World War. I would be surprised if Congress didn't hold more hearings on this issue, as well they should. -Jeff

  • Editor: The Republicans may have a majority in Congress, but the Democrats have a majority in the White House. Put a Republican in the White House with a Republican Congress. -Arnett

  • Editor: About 'Tangled Web'- This is quite a good story. I have very little faith that members of the ultra-partisan Democrat Party in the Senate would actually vote to impeach Clinton, regardless of the strength of the evidence. The Republicans had better do a more effective job of managing the public information phase of this process, or any vote would surely go down to defeat. There seems to be very little public outcry because, largely, the public is kept in the dark by the mainstream media (electronic) which has ignored the bulk of the information reported to date. I do have a question, however. Since the Vice President has the responsibility for casting the deciding vote, what would happen in the event that Al Gore was also named in a Bill of Impeachment? Since he's already publicly admitted violating 18USC607, that might be something worth considering. -Patrick A. Thurman

  • Bumber Stickers Suggested:

    Clinton: Your Toll Bridge to the 21st Century
    - Faith Reed

    Embarass the Media: Vote Republican.
    - Roger Mattison

    Bridge to the Future? Another pork barrel project.
    - Radar

    Watergate Gap: 18 minutes v. Filegate Gap: 6 months!
    - Christopher Young

    Clinton: The Best President Money can Buy!
    - Christopher Young

    Clinton's Motto: Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
    - Christopher Young

    Hail to the Cheat!
    - Christopher Young

    Free Willy!
    - Linda Enlow

    Clinton: 99% Fact-Free!
    - Vernon Mass

    Bill and Hill's Second Term -- 5 to 10 in the Big House.
    - A.J. McPherson

    Okay! Joke's Over. Bring Back Bush!
    - John Glover

    Clinton: The Bill of Lefts.
    - Tom Helderman

    Had Enough Rodham and Goremorrah?
    - Ken Keathley

  • Editor: I read, with great interest, your report on the metaphors used to convey foreign policy issues to the American public and immediately became concerned about the area where his agenda's are being furthered, higher education. I am a sophomore in college, a mother of 3 children, and am furious at what passes for higher education here in Illinois. I am now in a Political Science class which has just informed me that the weakness of every past President has been the "perceived" threat of Communism and isn't that just the silliest idea? I kid you not, these young kids, who have never studied politics or read a commentary are swallowing whole whatever comes from the teacher's mouth no matter how bad of a picture it paints of the United States. Videos are shown that vilify the greatest Presidents in regard to defense; Reagan and Bush. We are taught that America struck first in the Vietnam War because of an incident that never happened. We are told that the only pursuers of freedom are the Democrats, yada yada yada... It is downright sickening. Perhaps the reasons that Americans are apathetic about the Clinton's is because of the ranting of the liberals in Academia. Beginning there would be advisable in bringing Americans to their senses. -Ann Whalen

  • Editor: What else can with expect from this moron in the White House? It is very clear that even the Republicans on the Hill are on the take. I thought that the Republicans were the majority, I guess they still think they are the minority or they just don't have any back-bone. -Jesus E. Flores, Riverbank, CA.

  • Editor: This man should be thrown out of office. His hubris is shocking. That he attempts to use his executive powers once again to usurp other branches' constitutional authority and in such a pernicious manner manupulating the tax payers money demonstrates his continuing meglamania. He is a demogogue. Impeachment now. -Robin DeEtte Elz

  • Editor: Isn't it strange that the democrats ( and Bill Clinton ) are getting things passed with the help of our so called conserative leadership that would have been blocked if we ( the Republicans ) were still the minority. Its thme for new leadership, especially in the Senate. Phil Gramm for example. -Walt Parker

  • Editor: Please give me more information on Executive Orders. Mr Clinton is the poorest excuse for a president this nation has seen. - Donald Schulte

  • Editor: Dr. Hobbs, I cannot thank you enough for returning my Email concerning William Jefferson Clinton v. Paula Corbin Jones. You have given me a great deal of information which I doubt that I would have found on my own. Thank you for taking the time to help a conservative High School student. I am fascinated with our Constitution and Nation's Economic situation, and hopefully will major in either Economics or Public Policy at William and Mary (where I will be Freshman next fall). Thanks Again, and God Bless. -Lauren Morgan


  • Editor: Once again another BI-partisan f-up by the Republican's led by Senator Trent Lott. The list of nations that did not sign the treaty shows that we have no clout in foreign affairs due to our current CINC. I can not believe that 29 Republicans bailed out on Senator Jesse Helms. It makes me sick. I believe Senator Helms should push on congress, primarily Senator Lott, that we should no longer give foreign aid to those countries that we consider friendly to the United States. This I hope would get Senator Lott acting like a Republican, not like a feel good BI-partisan groupie. Just remember America, who knows one day when the current CINC gives away our sovereignty with the help of STUPID Republican help we could have United Nations soldiers on our soil checking us out. - Robert D. Wilhoite, Fort Benning, GA.

  • Editor: In February 1974 the staff of the Nixon impeachment inquiry issued a report produced by a group of lawyers and researchers assigned with developing a scholarly memorandum setting forth the "constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment."

    Hillary Rodham Clinton was a member of that group of lawyers and researchers, barely, I am sure, able to conceal her dislike for President Nixon. Within the year, Nixon would leave office disgraced, having witnessed articles of impeachment voted against him by the House Judiciary Committee, based in part on her report.

    I must give she and her colleagues credit. She did not appear to have let personal animus influence her work product, at least not the final, published report. In fact, the report she and her colleagues produced appears objective, fair, well researched and consistent with other materials reflecting and commenting on impeachment. And it is every bit as relevant today as it was 23 years ago.

    I presume she stands by her research and analysis today. She said in 1974 that impeachment, as understood by the framers of our Constitution, reflected the long history of the term used at least since late-14th-century England: "one of the tools used by the English" to make government "more responsive and responsible" (page 4 of her report).

    She also noted then - clearly in response to those who mistakenly claimed impeachment presupposes or requires a violation of criminal law - that British history, to which our Founding Fathers turned for guidance, clearly envisaged impeachment as a tool to correct "corruption in office" that "alleged damage to the state," and was "not necessarily limited to common law or statutory . . . crimes" (page 7).

    She quoted James Wilson, who at the Pennsylvania ratification convention described the executive (that is, the president) as not being above the law, but rather "in his public character" subject to it "by impeachment" (page 9).

    She also - quite correctly - noted then that the constitutional draftsmen chose the terms describing the circumstances under which a president could be impeached very carefully and deliberately. You noted that "high crimes and misdemeanors" did not denote criminal offenses in the sense that prosecutors employ such terms in modern trials. Rather, in her well-researched memorandum, she correctly noted that the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors" was substituted for George Mason's less precise term in an earlier draft of the Constitution: "maladministration" (page 12 of her report). Not only that, but her further research led her to quote Blackstone's "Commentaries on the Laws of England" in support of her conclusion that "high crimes and misdemeanors" meant not a criminal offense but an injury to the state or system of government (page 12). I applaud the extent and clarity of her research.

    She even noted that the U.S. Supreme Court, in deciding questions of intent, must construe phrases such as "high crimes and misdemeanors" not according to modern usage, but according to what the framers meant when they adopted them (page 12 once again). Magnificent research!

    Even Alexander Hamilton finds a place in her research. She quoted from his Federalist No. 65 that impeachment relates to "misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust" that is "of a nature . . . political [emphasis in original]" (page 13 of her report).

    Finally, in bringing her research forward from the constitutional drafting documents themselves, she finds support for her properly broad interpretation of "high crimes and misdemeanors" in no less a legal scholar than Justice Joseph Story. I was in awe of her use of Justice Story's "Commentaries on the Constitution" (1833) supporting her proposition that "impeachment . . . applies to offenses of 'a political character' . . . [that] must be examined upon very broad and comprehensive principles of public policy and duty" (pages 16 and 17 of her report). I could not have said it better.

    She even noted that the specific instances in which impeachment has been employed in our country's history "placed little emphasis on criminal conduct" and were used to remove public officials who had "seriously undermined public confidence" through their "course of conduct" (page 21).

    When I first raised the notion last month that the House should take but the first step in determining whether impeachment might lie against President Clinton for a pattern of abuse of office and improper administration of his duties, little did I realize her scholarly work 23 years ago would provide clear historical and legal basis and precedent for my proposition.

    Amazingly, the words she used in her report are virtually identical to those I use today. For example, she said in 1974, much as I did in my March 11, 1997, letter to Judiciary Chairman Hyde, that "[i]mpeachment is the first step in a remedial process" (page 24 of her report) to correct "serious offenses" that "subvert" our government and "undermine the integrity of office" (page 26).

    Thanks to her, she gave Congress a road map for beginning our inquiry. - Bob Barr (R., Ga.)Member of Congress

  • Editor: I am extreamly disappointed in Senator Trent Lott and other Republicans in their decission to cave in and approve this treaty. My concern is who is in the majority??????? As a Republican and a concerned citizen, this is very disturbing. I will definetly remember those who supported this when its time to vote again. - The Kerrs

  • Editor: Does all of the mess matter?? Really? Being Black [tongue in cheek] with a large precentage of Black kids in jail, I wonder does it seem right for government officials to break laws the swore to protect, do we need to change the laws the put these Black children in jail. Please do not miss understand is do the crime then you should do the time. But there must be a fine line drawn for non politicans to go to jail without collecting the 200 dollars and politicans making millions, with a get out of jail free card. This the free press [if there was one] should be screeming about everyday in the same manner the press makes the people feel sorry for the little people around world starving. To think we poured all that money into Zhaira and it went to the pockets of government and not to the people. - John H. Shackelford Jr., San Antonio

  • Editor: Take a moment of your time and consider this. Russia had Pravda which was the arm of the Government and they said nothing bad about the government. Consider our press are they free? Consider this, with the ratification of the Chemical Weapons treaty this will change our constitution. If the press was free then from Maine to Calif, from Fla to Alaska to Hawaii the press should have been screeming this information. With the signing of Uruagay round with what ever it dealt with someone stuck INCOME tax into it for the us government and the press sat by while it rolled on down the hill. A free press would have been attacking this government for the thing it does against the People, however a government press such has the one we have like Pravda sits on it hand and say everything is all right. A free press should pointing out this government like all government is very abusive and a thing to fear.

    Who wrote this? "You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage-earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away a person's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." -Thomas, thomasj@gate.net

  • Editor: The Republicans had nothing to gain by not backing the Treaty. It will have no effect in protecting the US, but the public's perception, I think, is that it will. Now the Treaty that was backed by Regan and Bush is a conquest over the Republicans. We should pick our stands carefully. - K Nelson

  • Editor: about Howard Hobbs - You've really got a handle on the current situation. Your article "Clinton Foreign Policy A Muddled Moral Morass" really nails down the problems we face today in the international arena. Complicity of the media in the propaganda effort is of course one of the main reasons we have the Clintons to lead us down the road you describe. When you say, "With Communist China threatening the West Coast of the United States with nuclear attack only weeks ago..." are you referring to the statement by the Red Chinese official who said that the US should value Los Angeles more than Taiwan? Or has there been another threat? Keep up the good work! - Dave Knotts, Mo.

  • Editor: I am trying to write a paper for my economics class supporting Paula Jones's right to continue her case against ole Bill, and am desperately looking for Constitutional proof against Presidential Immunity....If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them - God Bless and Thank You, Lauren Morgan puddin5@ix.netcom.com

  • Editor: I am glad to see that efforts are being made to stop the establishment of a beach head in Southern California by the Communist Chinese Government. Our policy is not to deal with a small island dictator like Castro because of personality issues rather than compete with other nations in Cuba while on the other hand we alllow the butchering, RACIST, and separatist Communist Chinese to compete against US shippng firms. Long Beach was given the Long Beach shipping yard for free by the Navy to do with it what they pleased. The Chinese do not have as many layers to penetrate with influence buying now. The Long Beach City Council must be investigated! - PMJOEN

  • Editor: About downsizing, how big of a bonus did management get at the price of the union worker? -Brenda C Simpson, Evansville Online

  • Editor: I'll be brief. Why are you reporting on point shaving at Fresno State? Most of your readers see you as the eyes and ears of truthful report inside the Beltway. Let ESPN cover these type of stories, stick to what your good at! - Roy Zeigler, Kingsland, Ga.

  • Editor: Yes, I agree that it is time to repeal the 16th amendment to the constitution of the US of A, and have national sales tax instead. We need to reduce government anyway, and with a national sales tax, this would be fair for everyone. The IRS is too controlling,unfair, and practices illegal gain upon the people. - Alan B.

  • Editor: With the scandals involving governmental agencies, i.r.s., i.n.s., treasury dept., justice dept. , f.b.i., department of interior, white house, campaign abuses, e.p.a., f.d.a., military, navy, judiciary, power abuse in congress, ad nausium, would some-one show cause as to why this government should not cease to exist? - Herb North

  • Editor: Why can we not define a lifetime appointment in terms of years? If an appointment were limited to a 10 year lifetime, the appointee would be required to return to and live in the society in which his/her decisions effected. The current lifetime policy removes federal judge appointees from the very society in which they have absolute control over. The current system causes federal judges to seek political asylum outside of society; i.e., they do not have to face and depend upon the very people they rule through their decisions. - Charles McDaniel, Louisiana

  • Editor: On the Mannerud story, the Clinton Administration has stooped to new lows by accepting contributions from drug felons. The story is shocking and I am ashamed of our President for possessing no standards whatsoever to get re-elected. I am glad I never voted for him and believe impeachment proceedings would be appropriate under these circumstances. - John McIlwain

  • Editor: I came across your Daily Republican site whilst browsing around, and just thought you might be interested in linking to our site. I work for Bookpages, the Best UK Internet bookstore which has all 900,000 British Books in Print - Marcus Webb

  • Editor: Thank God for your fine publication which reports facts; not the usual crap normally found in the Washington Post, NY Times, etc. However,even they are beginning to see that their hero, Bubba Clinton is, among many things ... I could go on for hours about my rage - that a punk, small town crook like Clinton, has sullied, disgraced and degraded the office of the President like no other man in our history. Please Lord, let Mr. Starr or Senator Thompson or Congressman Burton - anybody, find that key(John Dean type)that will turn the floodgates loose and put Clinton and his woman Hillary - and the rest of their corrupt cronies - behind bars where they belong. - Gene Cermak

  • Editor:Now is the time for Newt and all good men to come to the aid of the country and get that communist ... out of the White House! -David L. Zimmer Fairmount, Ga.

  • Editor: A couple of months ago I basically quit reading the DR because it seemed behind in coverage and did not change much from day to day. Now it seems that the paper is more current and a source of information concerning the fund raising scandel that other papers either don't have or don't report. I am back to reading the DR every day. Please pass on my appreciation to whomever is responsible for the apparent changes. - Rev. Timothy A. Carter

  • Editor: About Clinton administration story, they bankrupt their party the same way they try to bankrupt the U. S. - Charles Walter

  • Editor: You do a great job! Keep up the good work! There is only one thing you do which annoys me! It is the exclamation points which find their way to the end of your headlines. The facts which you present tell a powerful enough story. The "!s" are a distraction and shouldn't be in the headlines. Please do not think I am dissatisfied with your efforts - you do a really good job. It is just that one little thing. Well, maybe there is another...the last couple of days, the main body of the story was centered instead of flush left. Probably just a button-pushing error. - David Knotts

  • Editor: As Rush said "...What if CNN would have a program and no Replican showed up?" Republicans tell the truth. That is so easy to distort with just slight comments. You cannot out BS the democrats! I work with a whole bunch of them and, the one thing I have learned is IF YOU ARE A republican, every serious statememt ends up in a "Ha Ha Ha Geraldine is really ok folks" atmosphere. Just don't go there! Go to work! Have faith. Do what's right (when nobody's lookin) - David L. Zimmer

  • Editor: Actually, I would feel better if Richard Jewell was conducting the investigation. But then, he probably doesn't have all the sofisticated audio/video equipment and laboratory resources of the FBI. At least not yet. - James F. Ripka

  • Editor: Only in America can Lil'Abner and Gomer Pyle rise to the highest nation in the land by selling rooms at the Motel White House and taking bribes from the communists. - Jack Rosenthal

  • Editor: How much longer does this administration get away with what at times seem treasonous going on? Something has to be done. It's gone on too long and he sloughs it off by saying "These things were clearly inappropriate", and everyone seems to accept it! It's maddening! - Nancy R. Mills

  • Editor: Perhaps now is the time to evaluate the Clinton parkland deal in Utah that has stopped US mining of purer coal in favor of these same groups. - Morgan Fairlamb

  • Editor: I think that Bill Clinton is the worst president in the history of The United States of America. Never has a president lied so much as he has. He lies on top of his lies. I am ashamed to have him represent our great country. I truly think that I can not trust a word that he says. Sorry Bill, but you will go down in history as the most underhanded, crafty, and untrustworthy president ever!- Matt Altuna

  • Editor: It sounds like Long Beach doesn't care that the communists are ready to widen the gaping hole in our nation's defenses. That shipyard is the perfect funnel for the communist Chinese to pour in all our high technology for illegal export, and supply criminals, gangs and sympathizers with munitions for war on our streets. I hope to hell Congress denies the chinese contract with Long Beach and boots them out for the smuggling they've already committed. Clinton should reopen that Naval base! - Tom

  • Editor: What is so sick about all the money the Guam Gov't has given the Democrats in Wash. will not do didley for the schools that are in terrible shape, as are many other things that the Chamorro natives have to swallow. No person in their right mind can stand the high rent, high groceries and utilities to stay any length of time on this PIMPLE in the Pacific. Therefore, the rich are of course getting richer and poor, poorer and having more children. Does no one alive have anything on their minds, except greed, corrupt gov't and everything that invites more corruption?? I ask you, in God's name, how can you sleep at night? - Kai on the Mainland

  • Editor: I am incensed that this man is blaming the Republicans for his decision not to pursue his appointment. It is clear that he is not up to facing the clearly illegal operations in the White House. Even if he was not implicated in these operations, he should not be approved by the Senate because he simply is not available when he receives important phone calls from the Attorney General. - Valerie L. Waller

  • Editor: If any president deserves to be impeached, it is Bill Clinton. Clinton has sold his soul, and only God knows what else, to become president of the United States. The man has no conscience. Impeach him. - John R. Johns

  • Editor: I believe it is high time the impeachment of this scoundrel, President (sic) Bill Clinton be seriously considered. After reading your Friday article suggesting an inquiry into possible impeachment has begun, I am amazed. I listed to radio news, on more than one network today, perhaps six times. I watched the 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM news on television, a local cast and a national network newscast, and nothing was said about this story. How can that be? I don't care how partisan most broadcast media tends to be, surely they would not ignore such a story!Is there some mistake here? - Jesse Gilbert

  • Editor: Way to go Bob! We've been waiting! - Robert L. Zimmer

  • Editor: It's about time! - Joe Davis

  • Editor: I have been appalled to read that the disclosures of illegal activity going on at the White House has not shaken the confidence of the American people. Then I read all the way through an article reporting the results of a poll that showed the constant high approval rating of Clinton and I discovered (and the pollsters admistted in the article) that the people who are the most forgiving of his fund raising, etc. are people who refer to the fifth grade as their "senior year". This makes sense to me, but now I want thinking people to speak out loudly and let the media know that "enough is enough." We are outraged, Mr. Brokaw, Mr. Rather and Mr. Jennings! - Valerie L. Waller, Houston, TX

  • Editor: Maybe White House National Security staffers didn't alert President Clinton about Communist Chinese efforts to influence the 1996 American elections because they believed he couldn't be trusted... Having coffee with a Chinese arms dealer who represented one of their munitions factories, when the whole point of these coffees was to raise money, and then asserting that he had no idea China was trying to affect the electoral outcome is pure Clinton 'newspeak'. How many more lies must we hear before the article of impeachment is drafted? - Nick Nagle

  • Editor: I'm an archivist at the Ronald Reagan Library. We constantly get comments on the Ronald Reagan Library Bookstore site link that really should go to you (most of them are quite positive, and with good reason)! Also, the library has a general e-mail reference mail box that is an appropriate way to contact the library staff. It is: library@reagan.nara.gov. - Jenny Sternaman, Ronald Reagan Library, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

  • Editor: I find it incredibly arrogant to use "America's House" as a fund raising hostel and then lie and joke about it as if we are all stupid simpletons. This man is using the symbol of the Executive branch in an incredibly cheap and slovenly manner.My only hope is that the heretofore quiescent voices of my Republican leaders will finally be heard - Where are you and where is YOUR outrage? - K.Straus

  • Editor: About the Age of Aquarius story - Isn't it enough that we have to suffer through this "new age" stuff in our every day lives? But now I have to see this junk in a supposedly conservative in-line paper? I cannot see how this sort of reporting has a positive influance on conservative issues, in fact I think this sort of article only further associates the conservatives with the liberals. - A.J. Murray

  • Editor: It is about time someone connected Hillary and her travels with all the illicit fund raising. I've been screaming about that for a long time. Now follow all her trips to the Balkans and India and etc. she took her daughter to last year. You don't use taxpayer money to show your daughter the world or vice versa. She is one slick Broad. - B.J. Brown, Alaska

  • Editor: I've been to Guam on an oil spill clean up. Its time to lose this little island. That was of MY tax money. We need to make Guam get off the pot. Make them vote on statehood or independance. No more free lunch for them. Become part of the U.S. or get. - Ken Lowder

  • Editor: About Harold Ickes' memory lapse - We need to have Brain Scan equipment installed in the White House for all these jokers who "cannot remember". Perhaps most of them need to be hospitalized. I wonder how they find their way to work in the mornings. - Valerie Waller, Houston, Texas

  • Editor: It Seems to me, as in 1933, the America public, are as unaware as they were then. We need to understand, those who make it in this country, make it on their own. - RK Camp

  • Editor: About Newt. Print the 11 points in the major newspapers. Then let us get started. - Douglas Holbert





    I AM FIGHTING MAD. CAN YOU TELL? -Valerie Waller

  • Editor: I think the Republicans caved to the Democrats. That shows they have no principles. What a shame Newt is the best thing that Republicans have. - Billie Lee Hale

  • Editor: As a citizen who has watched James McDermott for a long time it would be nice to see this charlatan exposed. When he retired from the State Legislature in 1987, at the last hour he managed to obtain a specific, personal, fat retirement bonus tacked onto an obscure state bill. It was all done so quickly and secretly, it took even Seattle's liberal newspapers by surprise.

    His ethics have always been suspect. Then he accepted a job with the Foreign Service, as the heat of this sweetheart deal was getting to him. But before long, as in a month or so, he abruptly resigned in order to run for a vacancy in a heavily-Democratic Congressional district in Seattle, one he helped gerrymander to benefit the party.

    Yes, James McDermott, slated to be the chairman of the House Ethics Committee until the Republicans gained the majority.

    Finally his inclinations have landed him in the hot water he should have been boiled in long ago. - Name Witheld

  • Editor - the clintons will do and say anything to accumulate power, whether it is to embrace socialist idealogues or gangsters. - ducks

  • Editor - We were held hostage in Yosemite West, an area of homes and lodging on private land accessible only by Highway 41 through Yosemite National Park. Highway 41 had some minor slumping in one area, common after storms. This road, which I, as a Yosemite resident have driven for 17 years, had a curfew. It was ``safe'' to drive during the day, but ``unsafe'' at night. If you missed the curfew, you would not be allowed to get home. The hours of curfew varied and were not always announced to our small community. It certainly made driving to work, medical appointments and running errands a truly fun experience. The curfew was a major inconvenience to residents (forget night meetings or dinner out) and obviously illegal, but few people were going to argue with an armed ranger. When a government keeps you confined under armed guard for no reason except convenience to their operation, you are a hostage!

    Newspaper articles and television announcements on the closure of Yosemite make it seem that Yosemite Valley and Yosemite National Park are the same. The park is larger than the state of Rhode Island; the valley is seven square-miles. The arbitrary decision by the Park Service to close all of the park while it repairs less than 1 percent was made for the convenience of management rather than in the public interest.

    If the southern part of Yosemite National Park were open, you could ski to Glacier Point or Dewey Point and look down on Yosemite Valley. You could ski or snowboard at Badger Pass. You could view the sunsets from Yosemite West, enjoy the unique beauty of Wawona, see the redwoods of Mariposa Grove under a mantle of snow. You could do so much! But for bureaucratic convenience, you are locked out of your property, your national park, and I was essentially locked in. Isn't it nice to be so protected?

  • The role of the newspapers has gone through drastic changes. A few years ago, news came from four sources: NBC,ABC, CBS, and the local print newspaper. People where entirely dependent on these four sources for late breaking news. If individuals wanted to read a differing view on a particular topic like you find in the Daily Republican news service one was able to buy or subscribe to a magazine that would be printed one week or a month after the event.

    Today newspapers are found on the internet. And people throughout the world are talking to one another and expressing ideas through the use of the world wide web. This has changed the way people become informed. People are no longer persuaded by the giants of the mass media. Now people are informed through great news sources like the Daily Republican news where millions of people are connected 23-hours every day.

    Before the development of the world wide web people where so reliant on the media giants that individuals were subjected to mass persuasion. By packaging large complicated concepts into small sound bytes the large media networks and the local news paper had a great deal of strength in persuading the American public in what to believe.

    In those days, people did not have the full concept of what exactly was happening. When an American president wanted to persuade the American public to support or reject his policies or legislation he merely flooded the networks and local papers with small bits of information favorable to his agenda.

    This was done in 1936 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt bombarded the news media with pro-administration information on give-away ponzi schemes like Social Security. After the administration sent seven million copies of 4,800 press releases concerning the New Deal, the American public was eventually misled by Roosevelt. Today, we have to pay for that folly.

    Now, the American public is not so easily persuaded by the the political use of corporate news media. The public has begun to wake-up and obtain the correct information through world wide web information sources like he Daily Republican news. Information concerning various topics and differing opinions is instantly communicated from one home computer to millions of others. No longer are we a nation of sheep. We are now a nation of informed citizens.

  • The author, Laurie Kobliska, of the Daily Republican story 'This Dolly Is Dangerous' (Jan. 1) couldn't have said it better.

    I first bumped into dangerous things that can hurt children about 25 years ago. This happens when I got involved with he foster care/adoption system. I tried to adopted three local children. But, the system found my husband and me ineligible for local adoption. Why? Because I had already given birth to two children.

    I'll forever think about the hundreds of thousands of children trapped in a system that does not, despite all protestations, have the child's best interest as its priority.

    Dangerous toys are bad enough. But the US foster care system inflicts even more injury on kids. It is a bureacuracy that specializes in turf-protecting. It spens tax money on administration and not on children.

    I cannot tell you how often I've come up against people in power whose peculiar policies keep children from having permanent, loving families.

    A child cannot be adopted by someone in an adjacent county, because the county that has custody of him wants to keep him available to its own residents. When he finally makes it into the state system, it's probably at least six to 12 months since he came into care.

    Then, in at least some states, his case must be kept there for another 12 to 18 months or so before a family in another state can be considered for adoption. And in another country? Forget it; that just doesn't happen at all!

    The "recipe for reform" may sound simple, but it isn't. Families at the grass-roots level are not ignorant that there are children in foster care who should be adopted. They try and try and try. And then they give up - either not adopting at all or, if they are financially able to do so, going abroad to fulfill their adoption desires. Lya Sorano. Atlanta, GA

  • I am very angry with all that is going on with the Speaker. He has led us under very difficult circumstances to excellant results in the "Contract with America."

    He ability shown here has scared the Democrats nearly out of their wits. Thus he is the target of every living liberal whether in the Dem' party or the press.

    We must stand behind him or loose a potentially great Republican leader just when we need one the most!

    So help me. If the Republican Congress does not re-elect him to the Speaker position, I am going to leave my party of over 60 years and vote Libertarian in the next election. Al Bieser.


  • If Clinton wants to be remembered as FDR2 he's got to do a lot better than school uniforms and v-chips. He's got to get down and deep into foreign policy, entitlements, education and the truly deplorable state of race relations. And that's just for openers. He's got to present himself as a president of principle and not of expediency; and first and foremost he's got to throw back that bulging rug now covering questionable donations, and all the "gates" and preempt all those Congressional investigations by coming clean.

  • The Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho, says he has a photo of himself at the White House with President Clinton. And so does Wang Jun the head of China's state-run machine gun makers, the International Trust & Investment Corp., whose U.S. representative was one of seven persons arrested in San Francisco last May for allegedly smuggling assault rifles into the Los Angeles.

  • About 16 % of the population is now under Medicare, but by the year 2030 more than 20 % will be Medicare beneficiaries. Because of expensive new pharmaceuticals and medical technology, Medicare's costs will grow faster than national income, jumping from 2.6 percent of gross domestic product in 1995 to a projected 7.5 percent of GDP in 2030. That is why 1997 will be the year of facing up to Medicare.

  • The CPI is crucial because income tax brackets and annual cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security benefits are pegged to it. If the CPI were ratcheted downward by 1.1 percentage points a year, the deficit would be cut by tens of billions of dollars a year and the compounded savings could ultimately solve the deficit problem.

    The changes in the tax code likely to be enacted are a cut in the capital gains tax rate, expansion of individual retirement accounts and a $500-per-child tax credit. Oh Boy!

  • In 1997 Republicans will fight hard to prevent new mandates being imposed on their business friends. Expect Democrats to put on soap-opera assembly of 'suffering' victims, in a try to shame the GOP into agreeing to the new mandates.

  • When even liberal Democrats preach the gospel of balancing the federal budget, it seems unlikely that anyone in Congress will propose expensive new federal programs to attack poverty or redistribute wealth.

  • Is it not sad that America is leaning strongly towards putting a pair of felons back in the White House instead of sending them to prison where they truly deserve to be? We are indeed quickly embracing the status of a third-world country.

  • I just wanted to confirm that I also feel that our income is not going as far as we would like. Since Clinton has been in office our income has risen by apprimately by $10,000 and we still feel like we live from paycheck to paycheck. We are $12,000 in debt for our first childs college tution and she is only a sophmore in college. By the end of the year we will be another $4,000 in debt for tuition. Clintons policys only take more from our paychecks. We don't qualify for any help from the government yet they take our money and give it to someone else to send them to college. We earn our money, let us keep it. Thanks for listening.

  • I am a lecturer of Business Education at St Andrew's College of Education in Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland. I would like to know what materials are available for S1-2 Economics - particularly videos, and software for the Apple Mac - Claris Works or Microsoft Works. I would appreciate any help you could give me on this - including suppliers and prices if possible.

  • By all means, feel free to add a link to the Nobel Prize Internet Archive from your publication. Regarding William Vickrey...Is Mr. Vickrey a prominent republican? His Nobel Prize-winning work does not appear to be particularly ideological, but has he perhaps done anything conservative/republican since?

  • I am currently organising a trip for my group of GNVQ Intermediate group in Business and Finance. I'm hoping to use the trip to tie in with the BTEC optional element of Living and Working in Europe. Does anyone have any contacts with businesses in either of the two cities who would be willing to receive around 19 students for either a day or half day so that they could examine working conditions etc. We are making the trip at the beginning of December.

  • How is it possible for Clinton to unravel parts of welfare reform bill that he has already signed into law? I was sure from the begining that once he was relected that Clinton would try to give waviers to any state that asked for it and in effect nullifying the positve effects of the welfare reform bill.The question is how much damage can he do to this bill in his second term?

  • The International Labour Markets Research Network (ILM) in association with the School of Public Administration and Law, the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen announces its second international conference, to be held on 16-17 June 1997 in Aberdeen/Scotland. The focus of this 2-day event will be on school-to-work transitions, both from a theoretical and empirical perspective. The conference will help stimulate thinking around the complexity of youth labour markets and bring together academics, practitioners and policy-makers. ILM welcomes papers from a wide range of social science disciplines. Keynote speakers will include the leading American economist David Banchflower who will report on a major NBER study on 'hard-to-employ' youth across countries. The conference fee is stlg110.00 (stlg95 for research students and ILM members only), including the conference proceedings, light refreshments and dinner (Monday only). Early registration is recommended as places are limited. Expressions of interest in participating at the conference should be sent to:

    The International Labour Markets Research Network (ILM)
    ILM Conference 1997
    The Robert Gordon University
    School of Public Administration and Law
    352 King Street
    Aberdeen AB9 2TQ
    United Kingdom

  • Conspiracy to rig the electorate by indiscrimanate naturalization of unqualified, even felon, immigrants. Each of these new "citizens" has a vote equal to yours, and while you may weigh the issues and make choices based on the best interests of this country, most of these new voters are motivated by one factor: how do I protect and defend immigrant access to federal handouts. This is where the character issue hits the road. A president with character would not sell citizenship for votes.

  • Nice that you "supported" Vickrey, but I feel sure that you did not "support the development" of his innovative thinking. I'll bet twenty dollars to a doughnut that he developed whatever he developed with no help at all from "we." You may have talked to (that criminal slime) Richard Nixon about economics and known that he had Vickrey's work in mind, but that doesn't connect you to Vickrey either. (I wouldn't have demeaned myself by entering the same stadium as Richard Nixon, let alone talking to him.) Fortunately, merely talking to someone doesn't establish a connection to him, luckily for you. I'd say that it is intuitively obvious that Vickrey was correct. When decision-makers have different information they come to different conclusions. They tend to prefer their conclusions to someone else's conclusions, not having seen the information upon which the other conclusions were based. Then they defend their choices against any and all comers. Relative value preferences DO arise. Subconsciously (or consciously)everyone who is not entirely powerless tries to systematically exploit all consequences over which he has even a smidgen of control, or even just a modicum of influence. Motives may be labeled as altruistic or selfish. It matters not. We all do it. And we do it more as we grow older. I have never previously thought much about the above matter and I do not know whether your explanation of Vickrey's point was so clearly stated that there is no chance that I misunderstood it. But assuming I got the point right, you have my view on the matter. I do not claim to have addressed the question from an economics viewpoint. My formal economics training is zilch. My background is math teaching, psychology, accounting, programming, typography and, less formally, history, philosophy, and stock market economics. (I held several licenses to sell securities and was an active trader.) Perhaps all that is irrelevant, as was my answer. Making observations is not enough. Nor is a well-reasoned conclusion. Aristotle wouldn't qualify for a Nobel these days. One has to do the underlying mathematics. (Maybe Euclid and Pythagoras would qualify.) It doesn't amount to a hill of beans that you personally (or your Daily Republican) supported Vickrey. His work stands on its own. Achievement speaks for itself and is neither magnified nor diminished by press agents or naysayers. The Nobel committee seems to have known what it was looking for and found it in Vickrey, I'm sure, without knowing your opinion or that of the Daily Republican.

  • Thanks for printing the photos for us. I couldn't believe it when Justice dept. said they wouldn't release the photos. Who does the Justice dept. work for if not the American public? Clinton and his cronies?



  • The Daily Republican is an excellent piece of work! Thank you!

  • I ordered and have received, coverage of the event in New Jersey where the woman heckled Clinton and was thrown out. I have a clip of Clinton saying to the organizer of the Torricelli Brunch that "This is a private event. She is NOT allowed to be here". Well the fact is, that woman paid the same amount as everyone else to be there - $1000 - so she did in fact have a "right" to be there. Perhaps it isn't polite to heckle, but it is not against the law. IF Clinton wins on Tuesday, I will put the video coverage of this event on my Web page and launch a personal smear campaign of this jerk... The woman in Teaneck who heckled Clinton is Gloria Riva or something like that, from the Worker's World Party. She is the VP Candidate. I don't support her party, but I do support her right to "heckle" and say her piece....

  • I seems to me that we are on the verge of being taken over by the "Evil Empire". I would so name it for the following reasons: 1. It was formulated in the early 20th Century by Marx and Engles. A part of their writings was a book called the "A,B,C's of Communism." A translation of this book was used by Lennin to lead and inspire his followers. This books essence was "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." The fact that leads to economic distruction was proven in this decade. Never-the-less Clinton paraphrased in in the last debate as a discription of where he would lead us: "Let us all give each other the tools we need and help each other accross the bridge to the next centry....etc." 2. The "New Deal", the "Fair Deal", etc. had one thing in mind -- to make as many people as possible dependent upon the Federal Government so that their votes could be counted upon to maintain the "Dealer's" and their followers in power. The ultimate of this is when everyone "works" for the Federal Government. At that point Marx's dream will be realized. Under a closer look, this is a form of slavery that encompases all but those who would then be in control. 3. A most important corrolary of the "Deals" is that the concept of people helping people as individuals must be subverted to the Federal Authority. The ideals of helping your neighbor when you can, giving him (or her) comfort when they need it, and trusting to God have been subverted to "Let the government do all that -- we'll pay for it in higher taxes." The result is a tax burden so high that we are staggering under the load and the poor are less well off than they were before. This includes the distruction of the family. This was achieved by two actions: (1) The tax rate is so high that neither of the parents can afford to stay home to rear the children and the "death" taxes make giving your business to your children is a practical impossibility -- i.e. The children no longer work to help with a "family business". Why should they -- it won't be theirs anyway! 4. The final step is to tax at such a rate that there is no longer any money to create new, non government, jobs. It takes an average of $125,000 to create a job....even one as a dish washer in a McDonald's. With the taxes so high it takes both middle class parents working just to survive, how can they (the only real source of such funding) invest in venture capital. The result: the reduced economy you talked about in this article and ultimately, everyone working for the Federal Government. We shall then truly march over the bridge to the next Century together under the banner of "From each according to his ability, To each according to his need."

  • I appreciate how honestly your report the events that go on in the White House. I appreciate the work that you do. I love the website, I just found it. Keep up the excellent work!

  • I'd like to notify you that you have been awarded the 'CONSERVATIVE SITE AWARD' on 'All American'. We are a conservative site celebrating the American Heritage, our Christian Heritage, and the information superhighway.

  • You're right in your assessment re: the electorate's pathetic rejection of the truth. What does this portent for us as a people? When truth & character are no longer standards to which we hold our leaders. What an awful disgrace is both this administration & our inability to discern right from wrong.

  • I think you got it partially right. But I think a major factor in Clinton's re-election is that liberals have poisoned our civic and political culture to such an extent that voters believe that their vote is ineffectual and that their opinions are incosequential. I think a secondary factor is the corruption of our so-called education system: people are no longer taught the intellectual skills and knowledge of American history they need to make intelligent political choices or even understand that a successful republic consisting of democratically elected representatives depends upon an educated and invloved public.

  • Hillary, kindly stay home and learn to bake cookies!

  • Very sad. Truly it was the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the party.

  • As I keep telling you, the Emperor of the Evil Empire will be around a long time. Will it be possible that the unlimited number of terms for the president will return? Or will Bill and Hillary just trade off every eight years?

  • The Hate Hillary campaign continues. Why don't you guys grow up!


  • Wonderful Headline: Clinton re: the "supremes" !

  • Mr. starr, I realize you will, in all probability, never read this. however, your efforts thus far have been truely gratifying to me and many other attorneys. I can only hope that you will continue with your pursuit of justice- something that the clintons have obsrtucted for far too many years. It is all too often that the ultimate outcome of a criminal investigation is either altered or totally thwarted by the know-it-all media who,even now, continue with their attempts to sway the public into believing that whitewater is either too complicated or simply a witchhunt against their favorite son-william clinton. please keep up the good work . your persistence is going to demonstrate to the american people that the web of lies and cheating spun by the clintons is about to be untangled.

  • As with the multitude of scandals surrounding this president and administration, it boggles the mind that the main stream media refuses to inform the American people. It smacks of "Provda" (spelling?)during the height of Soviet power. The Clinton's are counting on the majority of people thinking "this can't happen in America" to pull this off. Sadly, I sincerely feel that I am living through the "beginning of the end" of our United States. Clinton is a globalist and the Buildaburgers are real. The 50% of American citizens that do not vote (and that number will continue to decline) will throw a mandate to a corrupt Government that people want to be lead like sheep. Of course I am sure that kind of thinking is "extremeist"; the word that all liberals use against conservatives like a whip when we dare to debate them. God help us.

  • First I want to say thanks for the article, I think we have the greatest country in the world, and it "Founding principles" of the Bill of rights, declaration, and our constitution were divinely inspiried. Unfortunately we are not teaching this in our homes, churches and schools, so this nation has forgotten, the divine intervention in raising up both the founding fathers, inspiried documents, and a nation!

  • Please get me in contact with the writer of this article. I, Larry Lucketta, a columnist for several conservative newspapers and Press Sec. for the CRA of Tulare County, would appreciate it greatly.

  • Bill, Madeleine Albright was quoted as saying to Warren Christopher, "I can only hope that my heels can fill your shoes." Madeleine Albright and Warren Christopher are members of the Council on Foreign relations. Tell Madeleine to rest easy -- Council on Foreign Relations members are the biggest heels to have ever crawled the face of the earth -- heel Albright will have no problem filling heel Warren Christopher's shoes. Aren't Anthony Lake, Sandy Berger, and William Cohen also members of the Council on Foreign Relations? How about Dick Moose, Alexander Fletcher Watson, Frank Wisner, John Deutch, Lynn Etheridge Davis, Donna Shalala, Alan Greenspan, and Laura Dandra Tyson? Aren't they CFR members too? Bill, aren't you a CFR member? Isn't Colin Powell a CFR member? Weren't Aspin and Woolsey CFR members? Bill, how many past CIA directors, heads of the State Department, and members of the Federal Reserve have been CFR members? Bill do you notice a pattern? Bill, do you know anyone in the Royal Institute of International Affairs? The Canadian Institute of International Affairs or any of the other Round Table Groups? I understand the Council on Foreign Relations is a branch organization of the Round Table. Didn't your Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley accuse the Round Table groups of a conspiracy to form one World order under Round Table control in his books -The Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope? Bill, could the reason America has been running $300 billion dollar peacetime defense budgets be because Council on Foreign Relations munitions, medicine, food, and media industries profit from an economy of unrest? An economy of war? Doesn't running up trillions of dollars of debt make a country economically vulnerable? Is there a plan to bankrupt America so it will be forced into becoming a member of one world order? Bill, how much money is made by Council on Foreign Relations members Morgan, Malik, Carlucci, Baker, Darmen, and Jordan's Carlyle Group? Who do they buy weapons from? Who do they sell weapons to? Do they sell weapons to countries that American troops are sent to on peacekeeping missions? Are our own troops being targeted and killed with American made weapons? Why were square miles of American made wepons, that were confiscated from the enemy during Desert Storm, destroyed rather than being returned to America? Was it to make it harder to find out who sold those weapons to Saddam? Was it to make it easier for the same people to sell Saddam even more weapons to use in another war that was planned way in advance? Were those people connected to Round Table Groups in America or other nations? Bill who are the members of the "Special Group"? Who are the members of the "Secret Team"? What's a PSYOP? What's a Limited Hangout? Bill, Council on Foreign Relations members shouldn't be confirmed by Congress they should be investigated by Congress. Bill, how many Council on Foreign Relations members are in Congress? Bill, how many Congressmen are controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations? Bill, when you delivered your acceptance speech at the Democratic convention on July 16, 1992, you were quoted as saying ".... It is time to heal America." Bill should that quote have read - "it is time to heel America?" Is the placing of Council on Foreign Relations members in key cabinate positions your way of "heeling" America?

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